Veterans of our military are an exceptional source of wisdom, courage, and resilience. This audio series/podcast provides a behind the scenes look into the heart of the veteran experience. VRP Executive Director, Army veteran, Paul Riedner spends time with veterans from across Minnesota, to hear their story and share it with the community. If you are or know of a veteran who is willing to invite/host Paul for the day, introduce us by email at Going to war is a collective, community decision. The lessons from war should not stay locked inside individual veterans.


Did you think ptsd was untreatable?

Think Again

Percent of vet clients no longer even qualify as having PTSD
Percent of vet clients reported significantly reduced symptoms

VRP Team

We are blessed to have a board of directors that represents a rich diversity of experience, background, age, and connection to this critical mission. VRP was founded by President Elaine Wynne who assembled a board with five veterans from the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Iraq War. Also represented are social worker, psychologist, academia, integrative health, government official, experienced attorney, and insurance. Two board members overcame post traumatic stress with EMDR therapy. We believe in fulfilling this community’s promise to those we send to war by providing tools that work.

Elaine Wynne
Elaine Wynne


Licensed psychologist and a certified EMDR therapist and consultant.

Gary Melom
Gary Melom

Vice President

Retired Hennepin County social worker and Vietnam veteran.

Ken Bellicot
Ken Bellicot


Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor recipient. Iraq war veteran. Used EMDR

Dan Tyson
Dan Tyson


Shareholder of the firm of Nilsson Brandt, P.A. of Minneapolis.

Dr Semerit Strachan
Dr Semerit Strachan

Board Member

Self-regulation expert at the University of Minnesota Behavioral Pediatrics, cofounder of Integrative Medicine Clinic, and practitioner of self-hypnosis and EMDR.

Jim Finley
Jim Finley

Board Member

Director, Veterans Employment Programs, Minnesota Department Employment and Economic Development. Army veteran

Ron Kelly
Ron Kelly

Board Member

Korean War Fighter Pilot who was diagnosed with PTSD in his 80's. Attributes his recovery to EMDR.

Paul Riedner
Paul Riedner

Executive Director

Research and innovation consultant with an MBA focused on business anthropology. Post 9/11 Army Diver.

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The Veteran Resilience Project is proud to be partnered with the Alive & Social Network. Our audio series ResilienceMN will be joining forces with this innovative Minneapolis startup. The Alive & Social Network will help VRP leverage social media, find show sponsors, cross promote the show and our mission, and be the anchor we are looking for as we reach out to the business and philanthropic community in Minnesota. From the initial meeting between Executive Director Paul Riedner and co-founder Sean Barnard, it was clear that both parties were aligned to work together for the good of Veterans and ultimately for the health and strength of our community.


  • Ritchie

    “Now, more than ever, we need to promote all of the tools available to us to both make ourselves stronger on our journeys – wherever they take us – and tools to help us come all the way back home. The Veteran Resilience Project will make us all stronger.”

    Mark Ritchie - Former Minnesota State Secretary
  • ken-bellicoat“My relationships are getting better. My anger is controlled. Generally, I can credit EMDR with saving my life; it restored my motivation and my depression is mainly gone. I have a different outlook on things. I don’t need to dwell on things anymore. I accept things and I have more happiness in my life.”

    Ken Bellicot - Iraq war veteran
  • ron“I would describe myself as a 12 cylinder car operating on 6 cylinders.I did not know that I had post traumatic stress disorder. And I was in my 80’s when it was diagnosed at the VA. And the only treatment they offered, was drugs.
    I had no question in my mind. If it was going to help me, I was going to do it. Period… may be the problem, that it hasn’t reached the critical mass where everybody says, well for whooping cough you get a shot. And for post traumatic stress disorder you get EMDR.”

    Ron Kelly - Korean War Veteran
  • hector“And I would ask people to remember that they had the courage to run towards the fire fight. So now run towards this fight. Put the gloves on, let’s go. Put the rucksack on, get off your knee. Get up and move towards it again, cuz there’s a fight and it’s right in front of you. And hopefully, you’ll find somebody that will encourage you in that fight. So that your courage builds back up and then when you make it to the crucible, you have a refined identity. You can only lead as far as you’ve gone and once you find your way outta that hell you’re gonna have to go back and get others out.”

    Hector Matascastillo - VRP Veteran Advisory Committee - Decorated Airborne Ranger - Overcame PTSD with EMDR

“At times in our life,
our inner fire goes out. It is then rekindled, or fanned into flame, by another human being. We should be all thankful for those people that rekindle our inner fire.”

Albert Schwizer
Theologian & Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1952
Veteran Resilience Project
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