For Therapists

Partnering with VRP
VRP is continuing to build a network of committed EMDR therapists who are interested in creating an innovative partnership. Contracting with VRP means you will receive:

  • Cultural Competence

    4 hours of Advanced Military/Veteran Client Training begins your preparation and progress to work with veterans. More will be available.

  • Client Referrals

    Each veteran client referral comes with up to 12 sessions funded by VRP.

  • Community Engagement

    Opportunities to engage with veterans and network with your community during fundraising events in your area.

  • Interview on VRP podcast

    You’ll be invited as a guest on our ResilienceMN podcast. Listen to VRP advisor and therapist Hector Matascastillo’s interview with Executive Director Paul Riedner

  • Business Promotion

    Opportunity to create a video introduction to raise awareness of your services, posted on (you can post to social media platforms or link to your podcast on VRP’s site.)