For Veterans

VRP's offer to veterans
Built by veterans run by veterans for veterans

  • 12 Free EMDR therapy sessions

    EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing. It is a highly effective, structured process that utilizes the intelligence of the body to create the conditions in our mind to help the brain heal itself. EMDR has helped more than 2,000,000 people worldwide overcome their trauma. It’s here for us.

  • A promise of 100% Confidentiality

    VRP takes your privacy and the security of your information seriously. Time and again we are told by military units that asking for help will not impact our careers, yet it is still an issue. We are not associated with any government agencies or health care providers. We are a community.

  • To be treated with dignity and respect

    In the VRP network, you’re never “one of them”. You are “one of us.” We strive every day to do our part in changing the narrative the media uses to talk about military veterans. We are not victims. We are not heroes. We are neighbors, friends, and family who serve our community.

  • To join a growing network of veterans who have been where you are

    One of the hardest parts of leaving the military is leaving our squad, our boys, or our crew. We believe in rebuilding a new squad that helps sustain us and then help to find another brother or sister who can benefit from EMDR.

VRP's ask of veterans
Here’s the deal Battle. This isn’t happening if you don’t own it.

  • Courage

    Make a commitment to move forward with courage and conviction. It won’t be easy, but more than 2,000,000 people worldwide have overcome their trauma using EMDR. You can too.

  • Own it

    Take ownership of your recovery. EMDR therapists act like guides, not doctors. The truth is that your mind, body, and soul already have everything needed to heal. You only need guidance to get the process started.

  • On time is late

    Respond in a timely manner to calls and texts from VRP and your EMDR therapist.

  • Communication is king

    Feedback is a central component of this project. You’ll need to learn to trust your therapist, but equally important is not being passive with them. Speak your mind. It’s a rare opportunity to have a professional to talk to that is totally committed to learning how you see the world, so that they can understand the source of your struggle.

  • Be a Battle

    After completing the program, join other VRP veteran clients to help find other veterans in your area that need our help and be a Battle Buddy for them as they begin this healing process.